03 August 2009

Everyone needs a vacation from life

I been on a hiatus from my usual life schedule: no work, no blogging, no real schedule and I must admit, it felt good. Since the last time I have posted, we have moved into a new place, hiked to two alpine wilderness lakes, planned two weekends of upcoming camping trips, gone swimming six out of the past eight days in lake washington, lake sammamish, mason lake, talapus lake and the puget sound respectively and attended one surprise party. Life is good and the past week has felt like a summer vacation. Here is a catch up post of what we have been up to. Lots of hot weather, eating outdoors, time with friends, family and each other.

Jet skiing on Lake Sammamish with little sis and Dad

Swimming in a surprisingly warm, Talapus Lake

The view of Mt. Rainier from Ira Springs trail

An open trail lined with wildflowers, a piece of heaven on earth


Steve, Lynn & Brian said...

good for you! sounds like the perfect week. enjoy.

Erin said...