12 June 2009

A home grown graduation

My little sister's high school graduation is tonight and I wanted to make a few little things to show her how much I cared. I tried to think outside the box and was able to come up with a few surprises. Instead of fresh flowers I tried my hand at making tissue paper flowers. I made sweet peas, daffodils and cosmos. Overall I was pretty happy with the results and hope she will be too.

I also tested my skills and patience with hand sewing her a note, instead of the traditional card. The note was actually quite a bit of work, so my hope is that she will treasure it for always. My little sister is a pretty neat girl and being the last in the family to graduate from high school is a pretty big milestone for everyone. My little sis is growing up too fast, I remember when we shared a room and she used to think I was super cool........kind of makes me wish she would stay little forever.
I drew my inspiration from this miraculous little note I found on a fellow blogger's site. Bottom line...I could use a sewing machine if making lined paper was going to be a common occurrence.


Erin said...


Lisette and Cameron said...

i thought of you while i was making them. i remembered they are your favorite and with these they never die.

Erin said...

that is so true, and very sweet that you remembered and thought of me :] and one of the reasons i like them so much is because they look like tissue paper!

Little Contents said...

Wow! She's going to love it! Beautiful.