12 June 2009

Happily Scheming

I just stumbled upon a blog called Once Wed and I have already deemed it one of my favorites. It is a good thing that I am already married otherwise I would be racking my brain on how to incorporate every wonderful detail into my upcoming day. Instead I am racking my brain on how to incorporate all these great ideas into my everyday life. If only I could live within the pages of a Martha Stewart magazine, now that would be pure bliss. I love the flowers, the colors, the table decor, I just love everything. Now with a pocket full of inspiration and a brain full of ideas I will embark into my weekend. The possibilities are endless and that is the part that I enjoy. Happy weekend!!


Erin said...

are you going to get crafty this weekend?? my paycheck is tiny this pay period because of stupid furlough, but i'm at least looking forward to spending a bit of it on produce & flowers at the farmers market on sunday. yay!

Cameron & Lisette said...

OH BABY! I love all those freak'in flowers!

Eileen said...

Lisette! I can already see that I'm going to love reading your blog. How pretty! Great idea for dining al fresco in the common area too. :)