26 May 2009


More often than not I find myself thinking digital photography is not the way to go. If you wait too long to get your photos developed, you not only forget about them, but you have thousands upon thousands to sort through and if you are like me, you just get too overwhelmed. What to do with all those photos? For me, that was the draw and concept for this very blog. I deemed it a good forum for my photos, especially the ones that never make it to print. Last week, on my day off I set free a few photos from my computer, and it felt good. I love one hour photo, or if you only get a few it can transform into ten minute photo. I came home, framed a few and was pleased. The photos I take are more than just pictures, they are precious memories that allow me to transport myself to a different time and place, they become like old friends, a delight to my heart and mind.

P.S. I updated my Etsy store with a few additional photos from our trip to Costa Rica. Enjoy!

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