25 May 2009

A campsite with a view

I do not have a preponderance to overpack, but for some reason when it comes to camping I convince myself I need everything and the kitchen sink. Our biggest problem on this particular trip was that we had to drag all our water in, and if any of you know how much water I typically drink, it was a lot. Since the tide was in when we arrived, we had to climb up and over this bluff in order to get past the Hole in the Wall. Normally we could maneuver ourselves easily over such terrain, but with a backpack on the front and back and arms filled with 3 gallons jugs of water, this seemingly slightly strenuous task felt the next day like we had been at the gym all day prior. As the bear can repeatedly hit me in the head, I pondered how vastly different the definition of fun can be. My definition of fun lies somewhere between being on the brink of tears and laughing so hard my stomach hurts. Once we selected our site and where able to set down those darn water jugs, things just got better.

The best part of vacation is allowing your day to move around the rhythms of your body. You are tired so you eat, or you are sleepy so you lay like an iguana in the sun. The beach slows your pace and your days consist of watching waves, or better yet taking the time to watch slugs or snails curl and then retract deep into their shells.
The tide pools are plentiful, rich with color, texture and objects to poke at. Throughout the weekend we came across several "happy faces" which either naturally occurred or someone kindly left for us.

Cameron named this little guy Gary. He was so small and yet would really stick his neck out and move.
The Hole in the Wall.
The view through the brush, from our campsite.
As a child I had a little wheelbarrow that I enjoyed putting worms and mud in. My older sister used to think it was gross, but I have always been fascinated with nature. I do not mind in the slightest getting dirty or holding messy things.

There is just something inherent in boys that they must climb everything they see in sight.
Walking along the shores of the Washington coast you can see how water has amazing powers to change and shape its environment.

Cameron is such a fun guy to photograph. He is very expressive and has so many different faces to capture.

Making our way out.
We did some hiking in the Hoh Rainforest. To put into perspective how much annual rainfall occurs here, take a look at these numbers. Phoenix normally gets around 7 inches, Seattle gets around 34 inches and the Hoh Rainforest receives 142 inches annually. Lots of rain is the prime reason for all this wonderful moss. Even the phone booth was mossy, I loved it.


Little Contents said...

what beautiful photos, Lisette! I feel like I was there!

Ketsy said...

Cool! Camping is such a funny mix of hard work and relaxation. SO happy it was great weather to be outdoors.

CJ said...

pancakes with or without syrup?