20 April 2009

New mom, new hope

Yesterday we took advantage of the clear skies and warm weather as we headed to Gasworks for a maternity photo shoot with my friend Kim. The great thing about Kim is how laid back and kind she is, in addition to being downright fun to be around. She had her doubts that she could work the camera, but she did me proud. She looks great and very beautiful, especially for someone who is expecting their first child in just a few weeks. I am so excited for you to be a new mom because I know you will be a great one.


West Seattle Mapes said...

WEIRD!! but you did a great job, lisette, and i actually had a lot of fun. you're right, i am huge!

Little Contents said...

Lovely job, Lisette. It's hard to feel beautiful when you're at that point of pregnancy, but it is a beautiful thing.
We're on for Friday lunch - will 11:30 work for you?