19 April 2009

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

We knew we were a little premature for the tulips this year, but decided to go anyway while we had the opportunity. As you pull into town you are confronted with several signs, but amongst my favorites is the one that reads. "Immodest Ice Cream Cones"

Having grown up coming to these fields I can remember this sign peaking my interest, but always opted for getting ice cream in town. This was the perfect situation because it would allow my Mom the opportunity to go into the shops, while my Dad and us kids stood outside eating our ice cream.
I remember thinking it was unfriendly to sell ice cream and then the next shop over did not allow anyone their shop with a cone in hand. Despite the tulips not being at their full potential, we were able to enjoy the daffodil fields as much as the tulip this year.

After tromping around the fields, avoiding mud puddles and taking pictures galore, we had our annual fill of The LaConner Brewing Co. pizza, which is as delicious as the service is hurrendous.
Once we hit all the shops in town, we headed out of town to find what this immodest ice cream is all about.

Wafts of waffle cone enticed our noses, as we approached we were in awe of the proportions and quickly decided to share. The ice cream was generous in proportion and fun to experience, but like they say quality over quantity which leads me to believe we will stick with our little scoops of gelato and leave the immodest ice cream to someone else.

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Ketsy said...

Thanks for giving a preview of the festie. Hopefully the flowers will still be happy for us in May.