28 April 2009

Three Seattletimers and me

Cameron's coworker is a lot like me, we have the many of the same interests and have established a friendship over this very blog. Weekly she hosts these Thursday night dinners for her friends and has promised us we would only day be invited. Well tonight was our night and it was better than any weekly dinner because we did not have to share it with anyone else, we were able to get to know Chad. As we dined over stuffed pork chops and dirty rice I pondered what an unlikely start to a friendship this was, but I am grateful for it nonetheless. With her I am able to beat my husband in Cranium, talk to her about a Cooking Light and she knows just what recipe I am referring to, and get excited about buckles on shoes or delicious sounding menus. I am grateful she has both opened her home and a part of her heart to us.

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Erin said...

i just told cameron, and i was going to tell you, that i never put that much effort into thursday night dinner! i dont set the table, buy flowers, play fun games, give them napkins -- none of that! so you guys really did get the better end of the stick.

i had so much fun... hope you can come again :]