29 April 2009

Falling long and hard

The view from El Avion in Manuel Antonio

I fall in love easily, but let me explain.....I fall in love with places I go and am constantly scheming up ways to move here or there. Working for Pottery Barn in San Francisco, craft or food deparment at Martha Stewart in New York, Interior designer in L.A., Boutique owner in Massachusetts, park ranger in Montana....I have dreamed of you all and can always picture myself and how my life might be. For awhile after returning home from Costa Rica I really wanted to buy a house there, I mean it was sooooooo affordable and gorgeous, then I became consumed with thoughts of teaching English in Asia or anywhere for that matter, followed by wanting to quit my job and travel the globe for an entire year with just me, my backpack and Cameron. I would not consider myself a restless person by nature, but there is part of me that would enjoy the life of a vagabond, my day consisting of whatever I feel like and not knowing where I might be from week to week. So I am warning you all, when I get back from Costa Rica I will secretly be planning my return whether as a writer for a travel magazine or as a photographer for National Geographic, I have not quite decided yet. Are any of you like this or am I the only one walking around with my head in the clouds or in Paris whichever seems nicer for the day?

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Little Contents said...

I'm the same way, Lisette! I fall hard every couple of months, it seems, for a new imagined destiny for my life. Glad I'm not alone! One of these times I'm going to go for it...as soon as the kiddos are a little more independent. I know you'll support whatever venture I dive into, no matter how random :)