16 March 2009

Meet my friend, Erin

One day I started a blog.

I kept it close to my heart and did not share it with many people.

Then one day a few people peeked at it, then a few more, then I decided to share it with a a few more.

Then enter Cameron.

Cameron is nice and kind and everyone likes Cameron. Cameron is the type of guy that is everyone’s friend.

Cameron shared “our” blog with several people, even though he referred to it as “my” blog.

Then people seemed to read it, seemed to like it, even left comments.

Then enter Erin.

Erin started to leave comments, Erin seemed to be interested in our life. Erin and I started to share recipes, email, then she called me.

Today I had a visitor, her name is Erin.

She is cute, fashionable, easy to talk to. I know we have different lives, but my blog created something, a friend.

A friend I had not met until today.

One blog, one new friend, not a bad ratio.