26 December 2008

Picture Perfect

Normally it does not feel like a trek going to my parent's house, but this Christmas involved chains, getting stuck and feeling like we really went somewhere. The snow had finally turned to rain at our house by Christmas morning, but at my parent's it was a winter wonderland. My mom being ever aware of our frustration in getting there pronounced, "White Christmases are overrated", this made me laugh and once we were there everything was picture perfect. We started the celebrations off with a hearty brunch (because you need a lot of energy to open presents) and then we tackled the mound of gifts. After presents we were busy little bees buzzing around the house getting ready for our guests. Later on in the day, the McCoys came for Christmas dinner and more festivities into the night. We were so glad that my Grandma decided to come up and spend the holidays with us and that my brother was able to come home for Christmas. We are grateful for so many things in our lives and we are so richly blessed.

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