24 December 2008

The plight of the abandoned shopping cart

There is an epidemic in West Seattle, something that I have never seen the likes of before. The case of the abandoned shopping cart….Part Two or Snow Edition. One man’s inconsideration for putting back their shopping “help meat” is another man’s photo opportunity. While some people are helping to irradicate world hunger or finding solutions for world peace, Cameron and I are taking a more local approach, as we are saving one abandoned shopping cart at a time. I mean who would leave one of these innocent helpers out in the cold?? Criminals, criminals I say. So yesterday we saw a family of three and just had to rescue, well two of them. I am ashamed to say we left the baby behind, but have you ever tried pushing a cart through the snow, let alone the slush? Kind of difficult, it is similar to having a bad wheel where the cart veers off in its own chosen path. I think we will have to save some more carts tonight because it is just ridiculous and someone has to stop this.

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