12 December 2008

Christmas Ships

Our first year of marriage Cameron and I decided to take a ride on the Christmas ships and it was so much fun it has become an annual tradition. So far we have enjoyed three trips with three very different experiences. Our first year we took the ship from Kirkland up North and back, this was not as visually appealing as subsequent years because it happened to correspond with a massive power outage so most of the shoreline was a sea of black. Last year, we took the ship from Kirkland through the Montlake cut and were able to see lights and ships a plenty, the only problem is that this trip corresponded with not only a cold snap, but a rain and snow storm to boot. Under normal circumstances this would not be a problem, but I forgot to tell you we like to be outside almost the entire three hour ride. The top deck is where all the fun is to be had, well if you like the cool hair whipping through your hair and making your nose run. This year all the stars seemed to align as we effortlessly boarded at Pier 55 in downtown Seattle and headed out on a calm, clear, crisp night. We sailed toward Port Orchard and then stopped at the Olympic Sculpture Park before we returned back. Cameron and I had a great time, not only dancing the night away (initiated by me) but huddling on the top deck, belting out Christmas tunes (also ironically initiated by me) and enjoying the Seattle skyline. Maybe there is something to living on the “other side” of the water.

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