01 December 2008

Black Friday

For me, black Friday was all about the color. First stop was J.Crew to buy all the knee highs that I have had my eye on. I guess I am cheap, but who wants to pay $14.00 for a pair of socks? Not me. Next I hit up all my old and new favorites....Banana Republic, Eddie Bauer, City Kitchen and Williams Sonoma. I found some excellent deals, better than in past years so it was hard to be good, but I tried. I picked up some fun kitchen tools like the Food Loop and the Kuhn Rikon paring knife, in hot pink of course.

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jacob said...

Couple of things:
1. I have the orange version of the knife. Be careful, they are sharp. I found out the hard way while extracting it from the package it came in.
2. I am finally posting some photos from the Berkshires. I had almost 800 to go through.