12 October 2008

Even sick kids need icecream

It is with heavy hearts that we admit we have not been to Husky Deli in forever, we were almost forgetting what their icecream tasted like it. Well, not quite, but it makes for a good story. We made the short trip down there only to realize that lots of other had that same great idea. It is cold out so why not make yourself feel colder with a little icecream? Much to my excitement they had pumpkin icecream so I paired it with chocolate for a delightsome duo. The other people who were sitting enjoying their cones probably got a kick out of us taking these photos, but that made it all the more fun to do. I know it looks like I had quite a bit more than Cameron, but I think that is because once the cone hits Cameron's hands he is all over it, while I on the other hand savor mine a tad bit more. Come fall I am inundated with all these great pumpkin items: cheesecake from Costco, pumpkin soup at local cafes and this great ice cream. Do you know of any other pumpkin treats I am missing out on?

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