21 September 2008

No fair would be unfair

My family attended the Puyallup Fair for many years and the tradition has now been carried on with Cameron and I. As creatures of habit we have certain foods that we like to eat, certain animals that we like to see and certain rides that we like to go on. As I have mentioned previously Summer has all but quit on us this weekend so on the perpetually rainy Saturday we thought what better way to buoy our spirits than head to the fair for its final weekend. I am always in awe of the monster size produce and ever year I cannot help but think it would fun to have a baby pig, well at least for a day.

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Steve, Lynn & Brian said...

We used to go all the time to Puyallup Fair, but haven't been in years and years. Every September I promise myself that this will be the year. Here's to 2009!!!