13 September 2013

Modern day adventurers

When you spend as much time hiking as we do, it gives you a lot of time to think. Oftentimes, I think about how pristine these places are we visit and how rugged and utterly breathtaking they must have been back when Lewis and Clark first laid eyes on them. From May 1804 to September 1806 they were the first American expedition to cross the western region of the United States. Their primary objective was to explore and map the recently acquired territory while documenting the plants, animals and geography.

Over this past year when my heart has felt heavy missing our son, I have focused on improving my childlike wonder and amazement in all of God's creations- from the tiniest rock to the daintiest flower. I like to think Cameron and I would have been fantastic explorers. We have just the right combination of curiosity, guts and drifter in us. I would have been in charge of cataloging and naming all the flora and fauna, while Cameron would have been in charge of setting our course and hacking our way through the forest.

Hiking along the trail to Crypt Lake
Some spots were a bit tricky.
Crypt Lake
There was a pretty good trail all around the lake.

Sunbathing and sun spots
Did you know I was a butterfly whisperer? This butterfly would not leave me alone.
Fisherman at Crypt Lake

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