23 August 2013

Farm to Table Dinner with Matt Dillon

After months of stellar weather, rain threatened the forecast on the day of our Farm to Table dinner. We were reassured via email, regardless of weather the dinner would go on as planned. As we arrived at Stuart Landing Farms we were invited to partake in a beverage and hors d'oeurves while we awaited our farm tour. Once on our farm tour we learned how the farmers are allowing their crops to go to seed and overwinter so they can then collect the seeds and redistribute them or create an even hardier crop in the subsequent years. The whole idea of becoming a farmer in this day and age of modern conveniences and fast food fascinates me. There is nothing quite like a fresh picked tomato, lettuce or berries. I was inspired by these men who are working with nature and not against it. 
I have never attended a Farm to Table dinner before, but I was expecting the connection between the farm and our meal to be greater. I was expecting to see the same food on my plate growing in the ground nearby. Although I thoroughly enjoyed myself, the farm acted more as a venue than the source of our food.

Have you ever been to a Farm to Table dinner? What was your experience like?

Enjoying the welcome reception and hors d'oeurves before the farm tour.
An old mattress acting as a drying rack for sunflowers.

Flowers dotted the landscape everywhere. 
Just a few of the varieties of tomatoes growing. 
Stuart Landing Farms
Our chef for the night, Matt Dillon, working the grill.
The menu and place setting. I loved the blue Ball jars with flowers. 
The first course
Harvest time
Vine ripe tomatoes

Attire was "farm fancy" this was our interpretation.

Prep work by Matt Dillon and sous chef.
A wagon full of blankets in case the air turned chill.
Passing platters of delicious and colorful food. 

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