29 July 2013

Food styling and a simple gesture of love

As a blogger who enjoys reading other blogs, I spend a fair amount of time rattling on to my husband about things I have seen or read on someone else's blog. As much as my husband is a good listener, sometimes I think I would tune myself out if possible. Several weeks prior to Mother's Day I mentioned a food styling class by Aran Goyoaga I was dying to take. I felt it was frivolous and although I mentioned it to him, I had put it out of my mind as a possibility. Fast forward a few weeks and while reading through her blog I noticed her food styling class had filled up, my heart sank. Even though I had mentioned it in passing I really wanted to attend the class- oh well, maybe next time.

Then one random weekday, a few days before Mother's Day I received a brief email from my husband, "Happy Mother's Day my love, you are going to this! Just bought your ticket" Tears of joy streamed down my face. Not only was I going to be able to attend the class I so badly wanted to, but it was tangible proof of how much my husband does listen and a reminder that yes indeed I am a mother.

The best part of receiving experiences as gifts is they are the gift that keep giving. You have the excitement of receiving it, followed by the anticipation for the event and then finally the fun of the event itself. Check back later this week for a recap of the food styling class with Aran.

What is the most heartfelt gift you have ever received?

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