10 July 2013

A happy discovery: Arboretum Plant Sale

My friend and I met up for a picnic last week at the Arboretum. We both had not been there in an embarrassing long time and after a wonderful afternoon we both left wondering why this was the case. After our picnic lunch we stumbled upon a plant sale and each ended up making our way home with a plant in hand. According to the women working the sale they are open each Wednesday and the second Saturday for business. Members of the Arboretum Foundation donate plants and then they spruce them up and sell them. All proceeds from the plant sales benefit the park and their prices are incredibly low. Talk about a win/win for everyone!! There will definitely be more picnics and plant sales in my future at the Arboretum

Not certain if he selected it because it was a fern or because it had the word "sword" in it.
A girl after my own heart, she wanted something with pink or purple flowers.

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