13 June 2013

Island Adventures Whale Watching Tour Giveaway!!

Update: Contest closed. Little Contents you are the winner, please contact me for details.
Sailboat in the San Juans
According to the calendar, Summer has not even begun, but who can even tell by the glorious weather we have been enjoying around Seattle. As you might know, one of my favorite parts of Summer is being out on the water and what better way to enjoy the beautiful Northwest than going on a Whale Watching Tour?

In honor of my blog's five year anniversary we are teaming up with some wonderful local vendors to allow our readers to share in the festivities all month long. Today, I am happy to announce we will be giving away one Whale Watching Tour through Island Adventures with me.

Here is a little information about Island Adventures:

"Island Adventures has been voted #1 whale watching company in Western Washington for 4 years in a row, they have received a certificate of excellence from Trip Advisor 2 years in a row and a Talk of the Town customer satisfaction certificate 3 years in a row.  

All of our tours are guaranteed whale watching trips; if you don't see a Minke, a Humpback, a Gray, or an Orca you get to come back again for free until you do!  

They run tours until the end of November and then take a short winter break before starting back up for their Everett Gray Whale program in March 2014."

There are three ways to enter:
Become a new follower to @lwoltermckinley on Instagram
Become a new follower to lwoltermckinley on Pinterest
Leave a comment on the blog mentioning your favorite part of Summer or why you are excited to come and hang out with me.

You will have until Friday, June 21st at 10pm PST to enter to win.
Winner be selected at random.
You will enjoy one whale watching tour with me, but are allowed to bring a guest at your own expense.

Good luck and Happy Summer!

This giveaway is sponsored by Island Adventures.


marie.mathew said...

We went to the San Juan Islands for our honeymoon and saw many orca whales at close distance at Lime Kiln Lighthouse. It was so exciting! We've never been on a whale watching tour, though. My favorite thing about summer is the warm summer evenings when it stays light until almost 10 o'clock : )

Kelly Dee said...

I love being out in the yard and enjoying my own little bit of beautiful Western WA.

Kelly Dee said...

I love being able to enjoy all things out-of-doors!

lyndsey said...

fun! i am loving this anniversary celebration :) and why WOULDNT i want to hang out with you? you give me all the best seattle tips.

Genny said...

ME! ME! In the past summers, we have tried to get out and explore new places on Saturdays-- and we have yet to go whale watching! I'm crossing my fingers!

Tara H said...

What a great promise this company makes! I've been on one whale watching trip in OR and did not see anything! It would be so fun to be out on the water. I want to wine! I love being able to spend so much time outside during the summer because the temps are just right- not too hot to drive you inside.

Tara H said...

Pick me! What a great promise this company makes! I went on one whale watching trip in OR and we did not see a thing.
I love being able to spend all day outside because it doesn't get too hot (unlike ID!)

Little Contents said...

Sounds like a blast! Summertime is always a great time with you, Lisette. Pike place, the falls, kayaking...can't wait for the sun to come out!

Little Contents said...

Can't wait for the sun to come out! We must go on that kayaking adventure we've been talking about! Whale watching sounds lovely!

Meghan and Tyler said...

Um, pick me!!! This is top on my list of things to do in Seattle, and going with you would be so much fun... not to mention WE NEED TO CATCH UP!!

hmm, what isn't to love about summer. Picking veggies from the garden, playing at splash parks, exploring Washington in good weather, sleeping with windows open and fans blowing, it is all great if you ask me!

p.s. today Kaitlin asked if she could eat Lavender and I told her that you love those lavender biscuits from one of your earlier blogs, so it was probably "edible."