03 May 2013

Sometimes I rock dinner

In my dreams, my husband is a professional chef (always eager to cook for me) or we have our own live in personal chef. Since neither of these are bound to happen anytime soon, I have embraced making dinner in all it glory. With the assistance of Tom Douglas I have made several stellar items to add to my cooking repertoire. Sometimes I am impressive in the kitchen and try three new recipes in three days and other times I prepare simple, yet artfully plated meals (doing my best to impress the Mister). Either way, Tom Douglas is my new go to man and if he ever wanted to move in and cook for us, I certainly would not mind. Two of my favorite recipes I have tried from his cookbook are the Tomato Soup and the Rapini Grilled Cheese sandwich. For my birthday my parents gave me a panini press and griddle pan, both of which are essential for taking your grilled cheese up a notch. The grill marks make all the difference and the rapini is an amazing addition to an old standby.

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McKenna Ryan said...

This looks absolutely amazing!! Can you come and bake for me? I know its early in the morning but this sandwich and soup looks so yummy. Happy Friday!! xx. McKenna Lou