31 May 2013

Half Pops Giveaway

When late afternoon rolls around almost everyone I know feels the need to grab something to snack on for a pick me up before dinner time. Tired of the same fruit, granola bar or pretzels I scoured my local grocery store for something new to snack on. When I came across Half Pops, first the packaging caught my eye, but then I was intrigued by the concept of crunchy, flavorful half popped popcorn kernels.  Aside from tasting delicious, Half Pops have great flavor without any preservatives, artificial flavors and are gluten and nut free. 

Would you like to take your snacking up another notch? Try something new? Anyone who has read my blog for awhile knows what a huge fan I am of supporting locally made products and this one is made right here in Seattle. 

The contest rules: 

Visit Halfpops.com and cast your vote on what you think their new flavor should be and then come back here and leave a comment mentioning what you are currently snacking on. I will be giving away a bag of Half Pops to six different winners. Vote and leave a comment on the blog by Friday, June 7th.

This post was sponsored by Half Pops, all opinions are my own.


Cameron said...

Love Half Pops!

Natural Chipotle & Lime. I think a BBQ flavor of some sort would also be something to consider for the future.

Little Contents said...

I'm loving the idea of the jalapeƱo and cheese flavor! I am snacking on my husband's delicious fresh salsa and tortilla chips on this sunny afternoon!

Sara said...

just voted for kettle corn, on my way to the store to try a bag of half pops - thanks for the info Lisette!

Sara said...

Just voted for kettle corn, on my way to the store to try a bag of half pops - thanks for the info Lisette!

marie.mathew said...

I love Half Pops too! Sometimes I hide them from my kids so they don't eat them all! ; ) I didn't realize they were made here in Seattle

I voted for Jalapeno and Cheese flavor!

Genny said...

I voted for natural jalapeno aged cheddar cheese. Currently eating lunch: chocolate chip cookies with milk! hehehe

Marie {Make and Takes} said...

Kettle corn all the way! Love Half Pops!