12 April 2013

Let them be kids: Alki beach edition

At first she was uncertain about having a camera stuck in her face, but after awhile she warmed up to the idea. Before long she started to run, explore, climb, throw rocks and pretty much had the whole modeling thing down pat. The offspring to Marie, founder of Make and Takes, I am certain she is used to being photographed getting her craft on. On this particular day, she played the role of Seattleite well, dressed head to toe in REI and requesting a visit to Starbucks once the photo shoot commenced. 


Marie {Make and Takes} said...

Lisette!!! These are amazing. I love everyone of them. She has so many cooky faces and you captured them perfectly. And you have her perfectly summed up, REI and Starbucks! So funny!!

Thanks again for the fabulous pics :)

Jani said...

You captured my granddaughter perfectly. We all miss that lil cherub face, but these photos melted my heart! Fabulous shots!

Jani said...

These photos are fabulous! You really captured her precocious and endearing charm. I miss my adorable granddaughter, but these shots melted my heart!