06 March 2013


Me at the Salton Sea, January 2013
There is a quote by Anais Nin I have mulled around a lot lately in my mind, "we write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect". Over the past five months I have yearned to write and document my life in a way I have never desired to before. In my youth, I feverishly wrote. Whether it be lists, journal entries or most likely notes and letters galore. I had pen pals both near and far and even corresponded for a period of time with my grandmother and my great aunt. I craved mail, it made my day. While other kids purchased music and candy I was buying stationary, note cards and journals. Now, in this land of texting, email and instantaneous uploading I find myself single handily trying to keep the post office in business.

The older I become the more introspective I am about my life and the stronger my inner voice has become. Awhile ago I encouraged a friend to start a blog, but she merely scoffed at the idea by responding, "I have nothing to write about" Oh, how very wrong she was. Life in all its everyday, messy parts is valuable and worth writing and documenting either for yourself or for someone else who cannot find the words but still wants to be heard.

Has technology made you better or worse with keeping in touch or documenting your own life?

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