21 March 2013

Seattle Blogger Meet up: Craft and Chat with Assemble

I have been blogging for almost five years now, but it has not been until recently I have really embraced the title of blogger. Last night, I had the privilege of attending my first Seattle Bloggers Unite Meet Up. This morning, I am still buzzing from both the sugar and the inspiration. The blogger meet up was a Craft and Chat by Andie and Emily from Assemble Shop in which we learned how to make these adorable granny squares all while eating cupcakes and chatting. There was an abundance of brains, beauty and blog talk which pretty much means it was an awesome evening.
Trophy cupcakes as fuel for crocheting.
Spring inspired decorations in honor of the first day of Spring.
Adorable kits, complete with these laser cut spools which are stunning in person.
Making the first circle in my granny square.


Hena Tayeb said...

sounds fun. i love paper lanterns..

Emily Peck said...

It was so great to meet you last week!! I've loved all the meetup opportunities we've had, such a great way to connect with other seattle bloggers. :)