07 March 2013

Newest sponsor: Firefly Cafe and Creperie

Let's give a nice, warm welcome to our latest sponsor and neighbor: Firefly Cafe and Creperie. The best way I could use to sum up this establishment is: happiness on a plate. West Seattle has been in need of a place where you can go for healthy, flavorful bites other than your run of the mill options.

Each time I visit there I am equally impressed with the service, flavors and presentation. We all know eating is a sensory experience, so when I am prompted to photograph something before I eat you know it has my vote of approval. Savory or sweet the crepes will satisfy any craving throughout the day, but their menu extends beyond crepes to soups and an espresso bar. Whether you get your buzz from a Nutella and strawberry crepe or a cappuccino Firefly Cafe and Creperie has you covered. 

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