19 March 2013

Neon birthday box

If you have spent any amount of time shopping lately, it is clear to see neon is making another come back. Several years ago, I thought it was a phase, but neon seems to be proving it is here to stay. Inspired by this I set out to create a neon inspired birthday box full of fun and color.

Items in birthday box:
Streamers by Spritz
Paper plates by Spritz
Funfetti Cake Pop Kit
Nailpolish in neon colors
Bath poofs
Color Slap game
Birthday banner
Noise makers
Napkins by Spritz

1 comment:

Marie {Make and Takes} said...

Yes, I believe neon is here to stay. I too thought it might die, but I'm finding myself getting used to it and beginning to join the fad :)

Fun idea for a party!