18 March 2013

Family photos: rolling with the punches

We have spent a lot of time talking about allowing kids to be kids in photographs, but what about parents allowing themselves to relax and have fun too? After browsing through my archives, I came across these photos and I am reminded why these are some of my favorite people to photograph. Not only are they confident in their own skin, but they know how to have fun with their children and allow their personalities to shine through at every shoot.
Their interaction and facial expressions with each other are priceless.
Even if their child starts to climb out of her chair, they keep smiling.
They just always look so cool, like they are part of a band.
And off she goes....while everyone still looks so cool.
And now for a little game of baby toss.

They come colorful and ready to play.
Even when they are still a tad unstable you can find ways to prop them up to make them stand.
No one makes this man smile like his family.
A man with his ladies.

A little hair pulling on big sis is always fun.

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