14 March 2013


collection of door photographs from Granada, Nicaragua taken May 2012
When one door closes another one opens. Is this an expression you have heard before? More importantly is this something you believe? I can honestly say this is something I whole heartedly believe. Sometimes, not until reflecting on your life can see how this has come to fruition. Several weeks ago I was shopping at Chelsea Market when I crossed paths with a friendly woman. After several minutes of talking she asked the sometimes dreaded question, "Do you have any children?" As much as my mind wants to keep conversations with strangers simple, my heart will never allow me to do so. So, after knowing this woman for mere minutes I gave her the Reader Digest version of my life the past several months.

Upon finishing my story she responded in the most astonishing fashion. Rather than expressing condolences or sympathy she warmly stated, "This will prove to be your biggest blessing, I just know it. You will need to keep in touch because I am excited to see what you will do with the extra time you have been given". Yowzers! What an inspiring message of hope and confidence I received that day from a complete stranger. A woman who did not even know me, saying exactly what I needed to hear when I needed to hear it. This is a prime example of how God works through other people and more importantly how if we allow it he can be in the everyday details of our lives.

Have you ever been delightfully inspired by a stranger?

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Jessica said...

LOVE that. And God really is in the details!