10 March 2013

Cake appeal: Old Fashion Berry Cake

It never fails whenever I make this tiered Old Fashion Berry Cake from Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook it is a show stopper. This cake is a prime example of how presentation makes or breaks your food. This recipe is simple to make, you can make the cake the day ahead and assemble right before your guests arrive. The beauty is in the drama of the layers of cake, berries and cream.


Jessica said...

You take the best pics! I'm actually starting an online photography class today and can't wait!

So I don't know if replies work on blogposts, so just in case you didn't get my other reply, I definitely agree we should be friends! My email address is jessica.garlick.dyer@gmail.com. Just send me an email and we can connect from there.

Lisette said...

Hi Jessica-

Happy to hear from you! One of the best things I did was involve myself in a new endeavor after Asher passed away, it is a great escape for the mind and the soul. I just sent you an email and so I am excited to connect. Hopefully we can help one another along this tough journey.