21 February 2013

They made us to do it

One of the most iconic buildings in New York City is the Empire State Building. Although we decided to forgo going up to the top on Valentine's Day, we made certain to visit it while we were in New York. It was busy at the top, but by no means crowded. We watched as the sun began to set and the city began to transform into a sea of twinkly lights. 

While up at the top I decided to ask one of the employees to take our photograph. Little did I know they were not suppose to take photos (because of liability...ie. dropping someone's camera) but he said he would do it nonetheless. As he went to take our photograph he told us to kiss and then proceeded to wait until we did. Oh, how awkward this feels when you are put on the spot with strangers watching from the sidelines. So eventually we realized there was no way around this and we kissed. Then he happily obliged to take another photo of us smiling. Looking back I am glad he made us kiss because I love the photo and more importantly the memory of kissing my love atop the Empire State Building.

Here we are after 'the kiss'....... much more comfortable to smile in front of a stranger pointing a camera at you.
Day or night Cameron is always very photogenic and has a great smile. Oh how I envy photogenic people!!

Each direction is marked in case you are uncertain which direction you are looking.
Even though you are completely protected and unable to fall, it does make your stomach turn when you look straight down from the top.

Very touristy, a tad expensive, but definitely worth doing once or twice when you are in New York City.

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