26 February 2013

The art of being a kid

Recently I was part of a conversation where a woman told a story of how she sat her child down at the age of eight and told him the following, "I do not know the person you are suppose to be, I just know I am not suppose to squash it". I love this enlightened mother's approach to raising her child, just as much as another mother's approach to family photographs. Her one request was that she did not want a lot of posed photos. Rather she wanted to let her kids play and do what they do best, which is be their charming little selves.
Fearless style, wonder and intrigue are all hallmarks of a magical childhood.

There is no better way to spend a morning than capturing rock throwing and keeping out for rogue rocks.

More is usually better when you have little hands and are trying to collect rocks.
The squirmy, the silly, the happy those are the real treasures in photographs.
Sisterly love. 

A mother's joy.
Rock throwing with a view.

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