12 January 2013

Living the life.......

I must admit, I love staying at hotels. On one particular night I said something to the effect of "let's go home" as in back to the hotel. I guess you could say I easily find myself at home in a variety of settings.  In all actuality, I would not mind living at a hotel one bit. Someone to clean up after me, make the bed and most importantly vacuum and dust. Now don't get me wrong I am not a complete slob, I can just think of other things I would rather be doing than cleaning. For a few days while we were in Palm Springs, I was able to pretend I lived in a hip, vibrant, clutter free space where my living room and bedroom combined for one great room.

I guess they do things a little differently in the desert. Even though New Years had passed they kept up their Christmas decorations for another week. Let the festivities continue I suppose.
I loved everything about this space, from the white cut out floral walls with orange backlighting to the white leather upholstered banquettes.
The artwork was made out of dimes. While we were in Panama at the Trump Tower this same artist had created artwork out of pennies. Funny how small the world really is.
The view from our balcony.......temporarily trading in pine trees for palm trees is not shabby at all.
Good ol' Marilyn.

Bonfire by the pool anyone?


Britty said...

I've never stayed at such a stylish hotel! How fun is that? And that sandwich just made me hungry and realize I haven't eaten a thing yet today! :)

Lisette said...

Palm Springs is very old Hollywood.