17 January 2013


Sometimes by choice but oftentimes by circumstance, we become part of various groups or communities. One of the most powerful impacts of working on tiny flannel bereavement diapers are the women across the country I have been able to connect with who have experienced a similar loss.  I have been the benefactor of an outpouring of love and support from complete strangers. After making all our diaper sets I was left with twenty eight single diapers. I was uncertain what to do with these, so I contacted Megan from Teeny Tears  and within a day I was given a name and address on the opposite side of the country to send them to. Not two days after they were received there was a request for a 20 week boy kit. Oh, how my heart goes out to these grieving families, but it is a humbling experience to be able to provide some sort of solace during a difficult time. The need is constant and I am happy in my own small way I can help.

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