04 December 2012

O Christmas Tree

The adorable little Christmas tree gracing our front porch has been with us for a couple years now. We have moved with it, and kept it both outside and inside at various points in time. This little tree has endured rain, sleet, snow, wind, drought and near death. At one point it started to loose a lot of it needles and I almost wanted to cry. I love this little tree and it has been exciting to see its continual growth over the past couple of years. I have realized when you work hard to keep something alive it makes it all the more special. I like to think it is happy and standing proud adorned with its red Christmas balls this holiday season.
December 2010
October 2011
January 2012


Cameron and Lisette said...

Wow, it has been through a lot. Poor thing probably needs a new pot soon.

Lisette said...

It certainly does.