10 December 2012

Moving onward

During an open and honest conversation with a good friend, I asked her if she found it odd I am working on my second baby quilt right now. She wisely responded "there is no right or wrong way to grieve, you will find your own path". I have found a lot of freedom and comfort in that phrase. As a relative novice to grief, it is easy to assume as time distances you from your grief you should feel a certain way or do particular things, but I love the personal nature this phrase gives to grief. After further reflection this sentiment could be applied to an array of situations...."there is no right or wrong way to be happy or to feel fulfilled, you will find your own path".
In the midst of a different conversation a profound question was asked to me. "are you being kind to yourself?" What a great question to pause and cause some soul stirring reflection. This particular question really made me ponder my treatment of myself as opposed to the usual auto response to the vague. "how are you doing?"
Today, I appreciate friends who ask the soul stirring questions and friends who give me precious jewels of wisdom to percolate through my mind.


Chels said...

This is beautiful and I really appreciate your sentiments here. Thank you for sharing.

Lisette said...

Thank you. Writing really has helped me move through my grief.