09 November 2012

A wickedly good time

In celebration of my Dad's birthday, my parents, Cameron and I went to see Wicked. My parents always put everyone else before themselves, so it was nice to treat them to a special evening out.
The weather has taken a sharp turn toward cold, hence why I am so bundled up. Each Fall and Winter I am reminded of just how much I love my scarf collection.
For me it is all about the bold and the bright. I just feel happier wearing happy colors.  If you do happen to catch me wearing black, you bet I am going to pair it with something like red, yellow or maybe both. I love how anything goes when it comes to fashion.
It has been a long time since we have seen any plays at the Paramount. I was reminded of what a beautiful old theater the Paramount is.
My parents, they are great fun and always put our family first. 

Our seats weren't the best, but we were able to see the stage without anything being blocked.

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