15 October 2012

Solace in an apple orchard

There is nothing more quintessentially Fall than apple picking. The sun was shining, the orchard was quiet and we enjoyed a rare weekday off together. People keep exclaiming how surprised they are to see me out and about, smiling and having fun. If I have learned anything the past couple weeks it is healing can take place everywhere. In an orchard, on a walk, or even shopping with my Mom. I certainly would not benefit from being confined to my bed with a box of kleenex on my lap, that just is not me nor how my child would want me to be.

Apples are simple to pick. No thorns, no sticky juice escaping and there are always plenty in my reach.

Cameron taking a little break to juggle some fallen apples.
Our bounty of apples.

The product of all our hard work.

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Eileen said...

This looks like a beautiful day. I really like the idea that healing can happen anywhere.