25 October 2012

Having it all

I have done my fair share of traveling in third world countries over the past several years. We have visited several different countries, but my take home message is almost always the same: I can be happy with less. The happiest people I have encountered are not the ones with largest homes, the biggest bank accounts or the fanciest cars, but the ones with the fullest hearts.
I vividly remember back in May cruising along a dirt road in Nicaragua in the back seat of a gold, decked out, tinted window car. With the windows down and the wind blowing my hair, I sat and watched two grown men belt out the lyrics to an American song from the 1990s. In that moment, I felt true joy radiating from the front seat. Joy for breath, for life and for friendship. I thought for a moment how often we take these things for granted until we are gently reminded to do so.
Two weeks after giving birth I had the clearance from my doctor to start running again. The first day I set out on my run I was ecstatic. I did not have to run super fast, but the ability of my body to give life, mend, repair, and then resume to my normal activities in such a short period of time astounds me. Giving birth has given me a new appreciation for my body and all it can do for me. If I do my best to treat it right, in turn it will do its best to treat me right. So if you see me running around town with a smile plastered to my face you will know why. These days I feel grateful for the small things, for my morning run or a break in the weather or the feeling I have it all because my heart is overflowing with gratitude.

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