23 October 2012

Fast friends

I have never been one to like doctors or hospitals, but hours before my post labor check up I found myself oddly excited for our reunion. She was present for the most profound, life changing experience of my life and I am convinced she was chosen by God to be there. She was kind, positive and truly wanted the best for me. A few days after I gave birth she called to check in on me. One of the questions she asked was "how was Cameron?" A doctor who cares not only about me, but my husband is above and beyond what I would expect from a typical doctor. I wanted to find some way to express my gratitude to her, but decided on keeping it simple with flowers and card. I have to admit I have never shown up to a doctor's office with flowers before, but it did my heart good to see her truly touched by the gesture.

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Tavia said...

This is such a wonderful example of thinking of and serving others, at a time when most people would expect you to still be thinking mostly of yourself. Of course, I shouldn't be surprised, knowing the kind of wonderful friend that you are, always thinking of others. What a beautiful gesture!