18 October 2012

Birthday wishes

Amongst our grieving, sadness and memorial preparations, we had cause to celebrate. My birthday fell a week and a half after our dear Asher was born. I will not lie, it was a hard day, but it also provided a great lesson to me. On my birthday, I learned how joy and sadness can walk hand in hand and how even when you are grieving you have many many reasons to still smile.
Snoqualmie Falls is a special place to us. It is not only the place Cameron first told me he loved me, but where he proposed. It only seemed fitting to come here to bask in the goodness of our life together.
The falls were misty and moody. I'll take this view over a perfectly sunny day anytime.
The Salish Lodge does brunch the right way. Cinnamon infused butter for Cameron and the most delicious hot chocolate I have ever had.

Even our backyard cooperated and created the most beautiful display of colors for my birthday.
Cameron goes all out when he surprises me. We had dinner at the top of Space Needle with our dear friends and just when I thought all the surprises were over, he pulls out a small box and presents me with diamond earrings. I am one spoiled girl and there are many reasons to smile.

 View from the top of the Space Needle.

We made our second attempt to ride the Great Wheel that evening after dinner. This was the first time it had rained hard since it was put up and the wheels were slipping and sliding. Unfortunately, they had to shut it down for the night........ I am beginning to think maybe the wheel is not so great after all.

The next day we went over to my parent's house for my birthday celebration part two!

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