31 July 2012

A happy occasion

Every Summer while my nieces are in town Cameron and I host an Ice Cream social. Inevitably, the weather the day prior is stellar and at the party we end up eating our ice cream while enjoying cooler temperatures. This year our Ice Cream social coincided with the day we had our gender ultrasound. We had debated upon whether or not to reveal the sex and a sweet suggestion by my eldest niece that she thought it would be a great time for "the big announcement" sealed the deal. It was not until a couple of hours beforehand that I started scheming up how we would tell everyone.
Gender reveal parties are all the rage right now, so with a little googling I was reminded of how people go to a bakery with the gender written on a piece of paper and have cupcakes filled accordingly either pink or blue. Since we already knew the gender and did not have time for that I decided to whip up a cake and frost the center with either pink or blue frosting. Then while picking up some last minute items at Target I saw these adorable pink and blue plates and decided it would be fun to make people pick a "team". After people picked their teams Cameron had the great idea that my parents should cut the cake. On a side note: Let me start off my saying my parents have six granddaughters and zero grandsons, so I believe everyone was secretly (or not so secretly) pulling for a boy. Once the cake was cut, the gender reveal was made. We enjoyed the rest of the evening eating ice cream, cake and cookies, but most importantly spending time with our absolute favorite people on the planet.
The impromptu gender reveal cake.

The boy team.
The girl team.
My parents eager to cut the cake.
The results: A deck full of happy people and one soon to be very spoiled little boy.
The aftermath.

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