21 June 2012

Rain, rain, sometimes won't go away....

Usually we luck out with good weather when we are hiking or camping, but every now and then Mother Nature likes to show us who is boss.
At 3 am I awoke to a pitter patter on our tent's rain flap. By the time it was a reasonable hour our tent was beginning to fail. Time for a more waterproof tent.
Cold, rainy mornings outside are perfect for hot cocoa.
Rain drops on leaves are always fun to photograph.
Not even rain can keep us inside on a beautiful ferry ride.

Rialto Beach was intense. We forged through a small river (there was no other way around it), were soaked all the way through our clothes and were not up for snapping a single photo of the drown rats we were.
Looking at these photos I am glad we stopped to have Cameron dig out my camera. The beach looks so mysterious and vacant.
Wreckage from the tsunami is coming ashore and we are convinced this is some of it.

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