31 May 2012

Stuart Lake

We took off for a little camping getaway over the long weekend. We lucked out and camped out at one of our "secret" spots. You never realize how important it is to have a secret spot until you roll up Sunday afternoon on a holiday weekend.
We enjoyed our unglamorous freeze dried food and were pleasantly surprised with our granola and blueberries.
We hiked amidst the trees, mountains and streams. This is truly my heaven on earth.

We came upon a field of pussy willows. I really wanted to cut them and take them home with me.
Hiking out of the trees we came upon this field.....there is something so majestic about mountains.

Our lunch of Chicken Risotto, sure beats the granola bars and fruit snacks.
The snow kept the mosquitos at bay, it made the hike ten times better to not get buzzed all day.

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Anonymous said...

That place looks magnificent!