10 May 2012

Masaya and Mombacho

Hiking around two distinctly different volcanoes was one of my favorite things we did in Nicaragua. The first was a big gaping sulfur pit in which at night we had to put gas masks on to view the bubbling lava below and the second was a dormant volcano located high up in the jungle. Note how the cars are all backed into their parking spaces. A couple years several large boulders came hurling out of the pit, so they are parked this way for an easy escape. Made me feel real safe, HA!
The wind was ridiculously strong, hence the wild hair do on my part.

Walking back down during sunset.

The view of Las Isletas from Mombacho. Jaguars and howler monkeys are known to roam this area, but we did not see any.
Views of Granada and Lake Nicaragua.

Our awesome guide and new friend. He particularly was interested in learning American slang, so we had fun teaching him everything we could think of.


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Eileen said...

The volcano smoke brings a quiet eeriness to the pictures.