08 May 2012

Back to reality

For those of you who frequent this blog, you might have noticed my absence over the past couple of weeks. I had high hopes of planning posts while I was away, but only managed to create a few. Cameron and I just got back from zig zagging the globe for some good old fashion fun. I would like to call it R & R, but I seem to have a propensity for planning trips we need to recover from instead of feeling rested from. We trekked around three countries, one state and traveled through four time zones. We spent time in Florida, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. We had some great adventures, took loads of photos and came home with a large repertoire of stories and memories. Whenever we travel outside the U.S we always come back a little bit altered and carry with us with a deeper appreciation for the things we take for granted in my day to day to day life. These four places could not have been more different, but it made for an intriguing time and was a great reminder of just how diverse the world is. 


joyinthemoments.com said...

Wow! How fun! I had wondered what you were up to. The pictures look amazing.

Tara H said...

What an incredible trip it must have been!