19 April 2012


Any place which manages to stay in business almost ninety years not only demands respect, but also deserves a visit. Cameron has been here several times before, but I had just heard about it. They take their confections serious and are confident you will want loads of them as they charge by the pound as opposed to per cookie. We walked out with a slight sugar buzz, a freshly sliced loaf of bread a little pink box filled with treats. One of the most envious parts of being married to the man with the amazing metabolism is how he is able to eat soft serve, a donut and cookies without even putting on an ounce. On the other hand, I enjoyed a double work out on this particular day.


Erika Janik said...

I love Borrachini's! They have delicious cakes, too. We used to go there when my dad had to go into work on the weekends - it was the special treat after waiting an hour for him to do whatever it was he was doing in the computer room.

Victoria said...

Oh my... that looks amazing! YUM:)