20 March 2012

A walk through the woods

The mountains are the perfect place to silence the world, to get away from it all and just be. The snow clumps resting atop the lichen of the trees, the perfect snowflakes which land in the palm of my gloved hand, the continuous snowflake which makes us feel as though we are being followed around by a snow machine. All these beautiful things occur whether or not we take the time to notice and enjoy them.
Every turn is photo worthy.
We hiked up this mountainside and made "thrones" right next to a waterfall. We decided a throne is the perfect accompaniment to a waterfall. We enjoyed our snack as we looked down upon our "kingdom", such a beautiful part of the country we live in we concurred.
A little bun burner heading up.
The clouds nestled into the valley.
A king and his throne.
 A walk through a snowy wilderness is a beautiful way to spend the day.

When the rain starts to gets us down, we can always think about how much snow it is producing up in the mountains and then we get excited about our next adventure.

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