02 March 2012

Up close and personal

For whatever reason, there are a few things I spend very little time talking about on this blog. Nonetheless, this does not mean they are in any way less important to me. One of them happens to be my career as an Interior Designer. I am able to spend my days amongst kind and enthusiastic clients, a menagerie of colors and textures and sometimes have the opportunity to feel like Santa Claus when I deliver a car full of goodies to their homes. In the past, there has been some confusion as to what exactly I do and what kind of services I offer. In order to clarify, I thought I would post a list of some of the services I offer. Feel free to contact me if any of these apply/meet your current needs:

Space Planning
Construction Documents
Furniture Layout
Color consultation
Home accessories shopping
Reworking an existing space with items you already own

I look forward to working with more of you and helping to create your own little beautiful corner of the world.

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